EDU 6363 Lauguage Arts, Arts, and Social Studies

Week in Review

This week, in our methods class, we delved into the sea of language arts.  While a discussion about various components of lesson planning for reading, writing, speaking, and listening ensued, it was the strategies for promoting literacy appreciation that really peaked my interest.  I believe it is within the promotion of literacy appreciation that budding writers and readers are inspired.  By focusing on strategies that provide guided reflection and by nurturing student’s love of books, the possibility of producing lifelong readers becomes more salient.

I heard a teacher the other day say to a student during a writer’s workshop, “Find an author that you like then stand on their shoulders while you write.” This was the statement that the students were able to visualize while discussing the significance behind what it means to be a writer.  This statement allowed the students to understand the balance of good writing versus good reading material.  An appreciation for style as well as content is personal, not everyone will enjoy the same literature.  However, this did not seem to be an obstacle in the classroom I was observed.  The classroom I observed reflected upon a design that embraced literature at all levels.  As I looked around the room I noticed this was the student’s reality.  The walls were dripping with words, books lined every shelf, bins of books were set all over the tops of cases, and every student had a book or two of their own at their seat.   Many of the boxes were labeled by author, series, genre, and/or leveled by reading score.  Students, throughout the day, were given the opportunity for silent reading and peer reading was encouraged.  The teacher read aloud to the students each day from a book that coincided with the social studies curriculum. The teacher read with voice, character, and enthusiasm while the students watched and listened attentively.

All throughout the day, the appreciation for literature was evident.  I hope to have a classroom with a foundation built on classics, new books, genres of all kinds, poetry, stories, music and more.  A classroom that is rich in words and one that inspires students to appreciate literature for a lifetime.


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