Module 7 Reflection EDTC-6431

Module 7 reflection EDTC-6431

Self-Generated Topic

Using Technology to Support Reading and Writing

This week we  had the opportunity to explore and develop a module on our own.  We introduced a self-generated topic for education with technology.  I choose to look at the benefits of using technology in the classroom and at home to support learning reading and writing.  I presented two websites and for the purpose of this module. provides a great way to have children practice reading to others and the opportunity to listen to books being read to them, all while using technology.  I thought that this would be a great tool to use with families, grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends, or other support systems.  Stakeholders could share via reading to and listening to books, thereby staying connected with each other; I liked this idea of inter-generational learning experience.  I also thought this would be a great way for children to read and present books to their families, their classmates or just simply to have them listen to the way they read.  Teachers could use it to focus on inflection and intonation. Children could also pick a book that they are interested in which may serve as a way possibly motivating a child who might otherwise have had a hard time engaging.

Secondly, I presented  This website was quite comprehensive.  I thought the myriad of multi-faceted curriculum offered was amazing.  It offered books to print off for students to take and practice at home, tests, level appropriate lists, stories, reading comprehension, writing comprehension…etc.  It also catered  to state specific standards.  Although, this may be an expensive initial investment received good reviews and seemed more comprehensive than some other reading resources that I reviewed.

Overall I was impressed with these two tools.  I think that as has been said throughout this whole course so far we have to use technology wisely.  Find out what tools work best for you and the group of students that you are working with and implement those tools into your “toolbox”.  Additionally, I enjoyed thinking about how I could incorporate families and support systems into the curriculum.